Government funnels £91m into ultra-fast charging projects and extended-range EVs

Projects that increase the range of electric vehicles (EVs), create batteries that can charge in as little as 12 minutes and hydrogen-powered heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) have all been awarded a share of £91m from the UK Government.

BMW has been awarded £26.2m to develop EVs that rival the driving range of current internal combustion engines, while the Project CELERITAS in Birmingham has been awarded almost £10m to create ultra-fast charging batteries for electric and fuel cell hybrid vehicles that can charge in as little as 12 minutes.

Additionally, the BRUNEL project in Darlington, which aims to develop hydrogen engines for HGVs has been awarded £14.6m and the REEcorner initiative has received £41.2m to redesign light and commercial EVS in Nuneaton to improve autonomous driving capabilities and storage.

The Government claims that together, the four projects could save almost 32 million tonnes of carbon emissions while generating more than 2,700 jobs across the UK!