Lockdown sees global emissions fall by 17%

New research has suggested that daily global carbon emissions recorded in April 2020 were 17% lower compared to the same month last year, largely due to the coronavirus pandemic and forced lockdowns and postponement in production.

The empty streets of London as a result of the lockdown, which is only starting to be lifted in the country

New research published (19 May) in the journal Nature Climate Change has revealed that daily recordings of carbon emissions across the globe were 17% lower compared to April 2019.

The research notes that annual emissions could fall by 7% if lockdown restrictions remain in place. But with nations already kick starting the reopening of certain parts of the economy, and the UK on course to life more lockdown measures in June, the researchers claim that the annual decline in emissions would reach 4%. In contrast, emissions had been rising by around 1% in previous years. 

Some countries, such as China, have recorded emissions reductions of around 25% and the decline in the UK reached around 31% for the month of April.