Planet-saving’ beer: Inside Toast Ale’s climate-focused rebrand

A Yorkshire-based brewer Toast Ale’s decision to rebrand was the “natural choice” amid rapidly growing public awareness around climate change.

The rebrand marks the first time Toast Ale has used bright colours – and its first foray into canned beverages.

Launched in 2016 by seasoned green campaigner Tristram Stuart, Toast Ale’s mission was to create an alcoholic beverage compatible with circular economy principles, without compromising on taste and quality. The result was a craft beer where one-third of the grain used for brewing is replaced with surplus bread.

The company’s initial branding and marketing featured the tagline “brewed with bread”, set on a white label against a brown glass bottle.

However, this month has seen a huge shake-up for Toast’s branding, with bright red and blue aluminium cans of its beers beginning to hit supermarket shelves across the UK. Each can bares the slogan “here’s to change” and describes the contents as, among terms such as “tropical” and “zesty”, “planet-saving”.

The rebrand reflects the fact that environmental sustainability has “definitely” become differentiator for consumers over the past three years, amid a backdrop of Extinction Rebellion protests, school strikes for climate, net-zero legislation and environment-focused TV shows.

The demand more environmental actions from the brands they buy from and changed the connotations surrounding closed-loop food and drink from “unhygienic” to “desirable”. Indeed, many of Toast’s sales are now made to higher-end venues in London.

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