Recycling end-of-life vehicles

It is an increasingly vital cycle for the survival of the planet and the sustainability of our economic growth, that end-of-life vehicles: cars, commercial vehicles or industrial vehicles which are at the end of their life cycle are collected. 

The precious ferrous and non-ferrous, aluminium and steel scrap, plastic, tyres, electronics and many other materials that recycling companies collect and transform into secondary raw materials.

Also in this case operators’ job is very important and our task is to make this work as simple and efficient as possible.

The semi-trailers body is straight inside (not folded sides!). The importance of having straight sides is in fact particularly important for those who, like car recyclers, have to load large bulky scraps, could be delayed if the sides inside the body are not-straight, because they can make the loading and unloading of the material more complicated.

In addition to this important feature, another possibility which is particularly appreciated in the crane suitable to host vehicles to be scrapped, by loading them directly with the crane installed on board onto the semi-trailer or to load these materials directly on site.

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