The 2020 Health & Safety statistics

There are thousands of accidents in the workplace every year. Statistics from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) for 2019/20.

Statistics show 111 workers were killed at work. 65,427 injuries were reported under Riddor. An estimated 38.8 million working days were lost due to workplace injury.

The HSE completed 325 prosecution cases and secured a conviction. And 7,075 enforcement notices & 35.8 fines resulting from prosecutions taken were issued by HSE and local authorities.

13,000 deaths each year estimated to be linked to past exposure at work.

Work-related ill health Rate (per 100,000) workers

Industries with ill health rates statistically significantly higher than the rate for all industries were public administration/defence and human health/ social work.

Workplace Injury rate (per 100,000 workers)

Agriculture, forestry and fishing and Construction gad statistically significantly higher injury rates than for all industries.

An effective health and safety management system will help to reduce the risk of work-related ill health and injury. Failing to manage health and safety properly can be far more costly to you than getting it right in the first place.