Ann Harvey Quality Assurance Consultant

Having spent over 40 years working in Quality Assurance within various Industrial environments. I branched out as an Independent Management Consultant in this field in February 2005, in addition with the experience of working with Lloyd’s Register (LR) UK, as sub-contracted Lead Quality Assessor, I can offer a very diverse personal service, providing a simple and tailored system to each individual company’s requirements.

Due to constant changes in business and legislation, you may now be in a position where you need to make changes to your existing management system?

Do you need implementing any changes for the Quality or Environmental Management Systems?

AHIS can help you to attain and maintain certification to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, including system auditing, auditor training and Corrective/Preventive Action planning. Working together you can be guided through the upgrading or implementation of new systems with the aim of achieving an integrated management approach. The logic of a single management system addresses the common elements covering Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety management and contains all the elements that users need to access.

AHIS have guided and facilitated various organisations in a range of Industries and having previously worked for a certification body, assessing companies quality and environmental management systems to ISO 9001 & 14001, as a third party assessor. A scope of work covering a wide variety of industries including such as:

Castings, packaging, engineering, printing, automotive, Document Scanning, Electronic gauges & Measuring equipment, Corrugated paper products, Industrial material handling systems & Second hand clothing, Security Guarding Services, Safety & Security Consulting Services, Manufacture of Precast Masonry Blocks, Labels & label Solutions, Direct Mailing & Manufacture  of Industrial Sealants.

As you are aware Effective quality, environmental, and health & safety management are crucial to the running of any successful business.

  • It helps you to improve efficiency and profitability
  • Certification of your management system confirms that it meets internationally recognised quality standards
  • It enables you to comply with customer requirements to compete in EU and world market
  • Cost savings through : Efficient use of resources (energy, water & raw materials): Minimisation of waste
  • Increased assurance of compliance with legislation and regulation
  • Increasing peace of mind and protection to business owners.
  • Deliver a consistent quality of service to your customers

If any of the above is relevant please do not hesitate to get in touch via the contact page

How I Work

  • Complete a Gap Analysis of where you are to where you want to be.
  • Clearly define a programme of work to be completed to achieve the improvements.
  • Quick to understand different companies systems, so can rapidly help the company make progress to move forward.
  • Work as one of the team with the work force.
  • Flexible working with all company staff around their normal duties.
  • Guarantee to produce and implement a simple efficient electronic relevant quality manual and Procedures.
  • Open communication channels between management and staff at all levels.
  • Provide positive new ideas and encourage others to seek improvements in their activities.
  • Highlight any positive company improvements.
  • Assist in achieving the quality and company objectives.
  • Train Internal Auditors.
  • Update and submit progress reports on an agreed periodic basis.
  • Have access to a network of professionals who can be called upon as and when the project, and their specific and experience apply.

Working With The Following Companies:

  • BOX IT – Document management and storage
  • EPL Exhaust – Manufacturers of laser profiled products
  • UKRL – Rail Vehicle Engineering and Maintenance Services
  • Interfuse Ltd – Manufacture of Precast Masonry Blocks
  • Magpie Europe Limited – Design, Manufacture and Production of Labels & label solutions
  • The Mail Shop Mailing Limited – Direct Mail
  • Marposs – Electronic gauges and Measuring equipment
  • Strutt Engineering – Manufacturer of Hydraulic Grabs

Completed Contracts With The Following Companies:

  • Adshead Ratcliffe – Industrial Sealants Manufacturer
  • Certikit – Template tool kits for ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001
  • Pugh-Lewis – Construction of Sports fields, Drainage, Fencing & Landscaping.
  • Foremost Security – Security Guarding, patrol & mobile services
  • First Enterprise – startup business loans
  • Dawson Rental – Commercial temperature controlled asset rental units
  • Juice Energy – Industrial and commercial batteries and battery packs etc.
  • Godiva Document Scanning & Storage
  • Datum Ltd – Engineering
  • CRP – Print and Packaging
  • Burton Fire – Fire Protection and Training
  • Mitech – Document scanning and storage
  • Cybex – Leisure Fitness Kit
  • Visa Energy – Generators
  • Brockmoor Foundry – Foundry – Castings
  • CSDB Decorating – Commercial Decorator
  • L & D Engineering – Engineering
  • MNB Precision – Engineering
  • Lunn Engineering – Engineering
  • DS Smith – Corrugated paper products
  • Dorlec Limited – Electro Mechanical Engineers
  • Isotech Services- Instrumentation Support
  • AirFire Control – Fire Protection
  • Phoenix – Industrial Packaging
  • Kelvin Power – Consulting services specialising in substation design etc.
  • MDS Aero Support – Calibration