Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

A quality management system can help you to control and improve your key processes. It provides the foundation for continually improving quality and customer satisfaction.

Why adopt an ISO 9001 Quality Management System?

  • Certification of your quality system confirms that it meets internationally recognised quality standards.
  • It enables you to comply with customer requirements and compete in EU and world markets.
  • It gives you greater control of processes for key activities – to provide a better quality service and minimise the risk of costly mistakes.

What does it involve and how can AHIS help you?

Implementation of a quality system meeting ISO 9001 requirements covers the full range of the company’s activities that affect your customers. It ensures that your quality system maintains quality at a consistent level throughout.

We help you to analyse your current business processes then document the planning, operation and control of these processes.

We work with employees in all areas of your organisation to understand the way that you work and ensure that the processes are recorded accurately. They are authorised to set out the agreed best working method but can updated when necessary.

We help and guide you to develop your Quality Management system and Implement any changes in order to prepare for independent assessments & the regular certification body assessments.

Benefits to your organisation

  • Better understanding of quality practices at all levels.
  • More consistent approach to quality of service.
  • Foundation for discipline and improvement.
  • Improved documentation and quality awareness.
  • Strengthened organisation/customer confidence and relationships.
  • Cost savings and improved profitability through greater efficiency.
  • Continued use of the quality system yields benefits year after year.